January 8, 2009


Sorry I haven't been blogging on here much...I created a website for our newest addition and have been posting there instead! For those of you who haven't checked it out, it's www.babyarchilla.com. 

Tomorrow, the baby will be about the size of an avocado (16 weeks)! Baby has been getting big and so has my bump, but I love it! I'm really excited for the next few months. For one, we'll find out the sex of the baby next month, visit family in Puerto Rico, I'll be turning a quarter of a century, and the baby shower... and the next thing we know, the baby will arrive!!! 

It's scary to think I'll be a mom, but I think I have had some great women in my life who have taught me so much. It's unbelievable how much I already love this baby without having met him/her. I just can't wait to see who's hair the baby has, it's features and who he/she will resemble. I know in our eyes, it will be the most perfect and beautiful child ever. 

Hubby is really getting in the daddy mode too...just a few days ago he said he thinks we're having a girl. We'll find out soon enough! He's also watching over me and helps me out any way he can, just another reason why I love him so much. We have been together for so long, it's amazing that we'll soon have so many more memories together. From the baby's first smile, to it's first steps in life. It's definitely a miracle from God. 

November 19, 2008

A must see for all expectant mothers!

If you haven't seen "The Business of Being Born," I recommend it! It's a total must see! 

Prior to watching it, I just thought I'd show up at the hospital like most expectant mothers, maybe get an epidural and hope there wasn't a need for a c-section.  But after watching this movie, I have officially opted for a midwife! I already changed doctors and the midwife I am using has an MD as a backup if the baby is breached or there are other complications. 

I'm hoping I'm strong enough to stay away from any drugs they throw my way. The movie does a great job of explaining how the drugs often lead to unnecessary c-sections - and that is something I plan to stay away from.

 Just some food for though! 

November 18, 2008

Our little olive...

This week, our baby measures about .9 to 1.2 inches from crown to rump. 
Arms and legs are longer and it's little hands are flexed at the wrist. It's head is growing more erect and the neck is more developed. 

The organs are also forming. Ears are developed and the eyelids have begun to cover up the baby's eyes. The baby is finally starting to look like a tiny person! 
I've already scheduled two tours at the local hospitals for next month. Everything is starting to come together.

My best friend, Venessa, has been working diligently on designing our baby announcement cards and we will be putting them all together ourselves. I absolutely love it and it's only in the beginning stages! It's gonna be great and just in time for the holidays!

Hope everyone has a great week!

November 14, 2008

It's for real!

I had my first appointment today and I wasn't expecting more than a routine check-up. Mom tagged along and I'm glad she did because while sitting there they said I could get an ultrasound if I'd like. For sure!!! So we waited, and waited some more...and finally got the chance to see the baby. 

It made it feel so real...even though the four pregnancy tests were positive, I didn't want to get overly excited until I saw it! The ultrasound confirmed that I'm exactly 8 weeks pregnant and the baby is due June 26, 2009. We heard the heartbeat and it was so amazing. It's beating strong and very quickly - 166 bpm! It's only the size of a raspberry, but you could see the nose, mouth and little legs starting to sprout!

Here is the baby's first pic! My next appointment is Dec. 12! I'll keep you all posted.

Much love,

November 13, 2008

Nonna, always in our hearts

My Nonna (that's grandmother in Italian) passed away Nov. 7. Although I know she's with the Lord, it's hard not having her by our side. I am so grateful to her for helping raise me in my younger years and for all the memories she leaves behind. She was a wonderful woman, hardworking and always serving others. She suffered of Alzheimer's, but lived a long and happy life.  My mom took care of her these last few years and I look up to her for that. I hope I can be half the daughter she is. 

I'm sad to see her go, especially now that I'm expecting. But people always say that with the loss of a loved one, another one is born. That couldn't be more true for our family now and I know that we will have an angel watching over us...and her name is Nonna. Love you always...

October 31, 2008

We've moved!!!

After a red eye flight back home from Vegas, we arrived at 7 a.m. but didn't have any time to rest. By the time we arrived home, our moving van was there ready to get loaded. Our closing was scheduled for that afternoon.

After a month of hell dealing with the broker, we finally got the keys to our new house. It was an amazing feeling!

We had a long night ahead of us and we were up late moving in the furniture and more boxes than I could count! I really can't believe all that stuff fit in our 2/2 condo! We ended up taking Wednesday off and finished moving most of our stuff. 

It was great sleeping in the house that first night. Tego and Luna were a bit scared...they cried all night! But they're so happy to have a yard!

I can't wait to start decorating the nursery!!! My first appointment is Nov. 10. I'm so excited!

Ta ta!

Our babymoon in Las Vegas!

We've had a very eventful week...after finding out I was pregnant, I had a business trip to Reno, NV. During my stay, it was our 3rd anniversary! To celebrate, Omar met me in Las Vegas.  It turned out to be our 'baby'moon! Similar to a honeymoon, we were able to celebrate the good news we received and enjoyed our quality time. Who knows when we'll have time for another trip like this! 

Although Las Vegas isn't my style - we don't gamble, drink, smoke, etc., it really is a sight to see at night. The hotels are awesome and we were able to relive our honeymoon at The Venetian! We also saw Criss Angel's show Believe and "O" Cirque du Soleil! "O" was my favorite and it's a must see if you're ever in Vegas!!!

On Sunday, we drove to the Grand Canyon! One of the world's wonders! It was really amazing to see it in person! I've taken lots of photos but haven't had a chance to upload any yet! 

On Monday, we were able to see our old friend Dennis! He's now married and has a son named Mason...what a cutie! We had a great time catching up.

That's all for now! =)