November 14, 2008

It's for real!

I had my first appointment today and I wasn't expecting more than a routine check-up. Mom tagged along and I'm glad she did because while sitting there they said I could get an ultrasound if I'd like. For sure!!! So we waited, and waited some more...and finally got the chance to see the baby. 

It made it feel so real...even though the four pregnancy tests were positive, I didn't want to get overly excited until I saw it! The ultrasound confirmed that I'm exactly 8 weeks pregnant and the baby is due June 26, 2009. We heard the heartbeat and it was so amazing. It's beating strong and very quickly - 166 bpm! It's only the size of a raspberry, but you could see the nose, mouth and little legs starting to sprout!

Here is the baby's first pic! My next appointment is Dec. 12! I'll keep you all posted.

Much love,


Ruthiie said...

omg,8 weeks! Time fliessss!
I cant wait to meet him/her!


JennyLo said...

That is so amazing!!!! Congrats! I am so happy for you!