November 19, 2008

A must see for all expectant mothers!

If you haven't seen "The Business of Being Born," I recommend it! It's a total must see! 

Prior to watching it, I just thought I'd show up at the hospital like most expectant mothers, maybe get an epidural and hope there wasn't a need for a c-section.  But after watching this movie, I have officially opted for a midwife! I already changed doctors and the midwife I am using has an MD as a backup if the baby is breached or there are other complications. 

I'm hoping I'm strong enough to stay away from any drugs they throw my way. The movie does a great job of explaining how the drugs often lead to unnecessary c-sections - and that is something I plan to stay away from.

 Just some food for though! 


AbuIsa said...

Brave woman!

Rita said...

Hey Maria! Congratulations on the baby!!!! I am so excited for you guys! I'm glad I'll be able to keep up with you a little through your blog. Hope you're feeling good!

Sarahndipity said...

You don't know me, I'm one of Rita's friends. Have you heard of the Bradley Method? I used it with both my babies. I credit it with being able to avoid a c-section with my first, and a beautiful, drug-free delivery with my second. You can find a class near you on their website.