November 18, 2008

Our little olive...

This week, our baby measures about .9 to 1.2 inches from crown to rump. 
Arms and legs are longer and it's little hands are flexed at the wrist. It's head is growing more erect and the neck is more developed. 

The organs are also forming. Ears are developed and the eyelids have begun to cover up the baby's eyes. The baby is finally starting to look like a tiny person! 
I've already scheduled two tours at the local hospitals for next month. Everything is starting to come together.

My best friend, Venessa, has been working diligently on designing our baby announcement cards and we will be putting them all together ourselves. I absolutely love it and it's only in the beginning stages! It's gonna be great and just in time for the holidays!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Venessa said...

great blog upgrade! including pictures!!!! awesome lol

my junebug is an olive!! all these comparisons are making me hungry...raspberry before the olive, and before that a poppy seed lol

the announcments are gonna be so awesome!!!! i can't wait to blog about them....we'll need to take a lot of pictures!

JennyLo said...

Yayyy how exciting....and scary lol :)

Kweku and Laura said...

Isn't it so exciting! Congratulations!