October 31, 2008

We've moved!!!

After a red eye flight back home from Vegas, we arrived at 7 a.m. but didn't have any time to rest. By the time we arrived home, our moving van was there ready to get loaded. Our closing was scheduled for that afternoon.

After a month of hell dealing with the broker, we finally got the keys to our new house. It was an amazing feeling!

We had a long night ahead of us and we were up late moving in the furniture and more boxes than I could count! I really can't believe all that stuff fit in our 2/2 condo! We ended up taking Wednesday off and finished moving most of our stuff. 

It was great sleeping in the house that first night. Tego and Luna were a bit scared...they cried all night! But they're so happy to have a yard!

I can't wait to start decorating the nursery!!! My first appointment is Nov. 10. I'm so excited!

Ta ta!


Venessa said...

Wow! What a planner! To arrive from your flight and have you moving van there!

Can't wait to see it!!! See you Saturday with breakfast in hand! hehe

JennyLo said...

Awwww Congrats!!! I cant wait to see pics!